About Us

It was the year of 1974, when Curtis and Janice Jackson first met on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. She was a young attractive redhead in perfect shape, and Curtis was a tall handsome man. Despite being both physically appealing to each other, they did not make any notion of the other one until Curtis went for the last glass of Atalon Cabernet at the counter, and Janice met him half way through. He insisted that she takes the drink, but Janice, impressed by his chivalrous policies, offered to share the last glass. They agreed on sharing the glass, and their entire lifetime afterward. In this honor, they decided to spend every moment of their free time cruising and enjoying different sorts of wine.

Curtis and Janice Jackson have now been almost 50 years in a wonderful marriage, having two amazing children, which grew up into successful college students, succeeding in their life paths. Upon meeting, Curtis and Janice used to date for a couple of years, before they decided to get married. Both of them progressed in their fields, Curtis becoming the owner of a small car business, while Janice went on with her research in the field of medicine. They spent their entire lifetimes balancing and undergoing the different challenges life threw at them. They spent every spare moment to go for a cruise, no matter how short it may be. Now, when they finally accomplished all their life goals, raising their children and leading them on the right path, these couple feels like they can finally retreat and enjoy what they like best – cruises and wine.

Being enthusiastic about sharing their experience and encouraging others to devote their life to cruising, Curtis and Janice decided to create Rambling Sailors. On this website, you will be able to find not only about their adventures but also about thousands of tips and numerous pieces of advice on how to make each of your cruise experiences one of a kind. Apart from being enthusiastic about cruises, this duo is also very keen on wine, as the finest of all drinks. You will be able to learn about the different sorts offered on specific cruise lines, and recommendations about what to go for, and what to omit.

Through these blogs, everyone will be able to feel the magic of cruises. Those who have already experienced it will be able to compare themselves, and also learn several tricks or get numerous ideas on what they can change in order to make their next trip better. As for those who haven’t experienced cruising yet, they will be able to find the motivation and see cruising from a different perspective, encouraging them to try this new dimension of adventure. Wine, as already mentioned is not left out and is mostly incorporated in the context of what cruise lines offer. The readers will be able to get a more detailed overview of renowned brands of wine. Who knows, maybe some other Curtis and some other Janice will be able to live through what the actual Jacksons did.