Packing List for a Cruise

Packing List for a Cruise

OK, so now you finally managed to convince your boss in letting you have a few more extra days after your weekend is over. You managed to postpone all appointments, meetings, tasks and chores. You called off the Sunday family meeting two weeks ago, and you finally found a gap in the birthday agenda. Time to do something for yourself alone, at last.

You booked your trip, got all the needed documents and it’s finally time to set sail, isn’t it? Well, it almost is. In order to make sure that your vacation won’t turn into a complete disaster, it might be a good idea to go over the packing list for a cruise we assembled for you. Take a quick look, so that you know you’ve got all that you might need. Everybody loves careless journeys after all.

What to Include in the Packing List for a Cruise?

There are several essentials on the packing list for a cruise, which you must take with you before you set sail if you want to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

  • Documents – The must item on the packing list for a cruise. Worst case scenario, you’re all packed and excited and at the very last minute, you realize that you don’t have your passport, ID, insurance, ticket or credit card with you. The ship is about to depart and you barely have enough time to cope with the situation, let alone take action. Unless you got this far only to see the ship leave and wave at it, make sure you’ve got all the needed documents on top of the packing list for a cruise.
  • Clothes – Nope, we didn’t think you’d go around naked, nor did we think you’d rather go through the entire journey in one pair of clothes. What we try to point out under this category is that you need to mind what type of clothing you need to include in your suitcase. Note: suitcase – noun, singular. Don’t take the entire wardrobe with you and make sure you’ve got both formal and casual dresses so that you’re ready for any occasion. Keep in mind that you need to leave some extra room free in your suitcase, as you’re probably going to buy some souvenirs.
  • Crucial Accessories – Try not to forget some essentials such as glasses, medications, maps, hygiene items, cell phone, and charger, digital camera, umbrella, first aid kit, hat, razor blade, hair dryer, small mirror, or any other specific necessary item you might need.

What Not to Include in the Packing List

Make sure that you attach a small piece of paper with your name on the luggage. Bear in mind that even though it shouldn’t, we still live in an era of technological advances and space travels and all, but lost luggage is still a common issue.

Our last piece of advice is not to take any valuable or dear item that you cannot bear lose since if something happens to it, it might turn your trip into a real disaster.


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