Packing List for a Cruise

OK, so now you finally managed to convince your boss in letting you have a few more extra days after your weekend is over. You managed to postpone all appointments, meetings, tasks and chores. You called off the Sunday family meeting two weeks ago, and you finally found a gap in the birthday agenda. Time to do something for yourself alone, at last.

You booked your trip, got all the needed documents and it’s finally time to set sail, isn’t it? Well, it almost is. In order to make sure that your vacation won’t turn into a complete disaster, it might be a good idea to go over the packing list for a cruise we assembled for you. Take a quick look, so that you know you’ve got all that you might need. Everybody loves careless journeys after all.

What to Include in the Packing List for a Cruise?

There are several essentials on the packing list for a cruise, which you must take with you before you set sail if you want to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

  • Documents – The must item on the packing list for a cruise. Worst case scenario, you’re all packed and excited and at the very last minute, you realize that you don’t have your passport, ID, insurance, ticket or credit card with you. The ship is about to depart and you barely have enough time to cope with the situation, let alone take action. Unless you got this far only to see the ship leave and wave at it, make sure you’ve got all the needed documents on top of the packing list for a cruise.
  • Clothes – Nope, we didn’t think you’d go around naked, nor did we think you’d rather go through the entire journey in one pair of clothes. What we try to point out under this category is that you need to mind what type of clothing you need to include in your suitcase. Note: suitcase – noun, singular. Don’t take the entire wardrobe with you and make sure you’ve got both formal and casual dresses so that you’re ready for any occasion. Keep in mind that you need to leave some extra room free in your suitcase, as you’re probably going to buy some souvenirs.
  • Crucial Accessories – Try not to forget some essentials such as glasses, medications, maps, hygiene items, cell phone, and charger, digital camera, umbrella, first aid kit, hat, razor blade, hair dryer, small mirror, or any other specific necessary item you might need.

What Not to Include in the Packing List

Make sure that you attach a small piece of paper with your name on the luggage. Bear in mind that even though it shouldn’t, we still live in an era of technological advances and space travels and all, but lost luggage is still a common issue.

Our last piece of advice is not to take any valuable or dear item that you cannot bear lose since if something happens to it, it might turn your trip into a real disaster.


Cruise Tips for Beginners

Even though some people want to travel more than others do, at some point everybody needs to take a break from their everyday life and pack their bags. While some prefer the beach and the sunny weather, others tend to hike up high in the mountains, there are also those who enjoy both the peacefulness and the adventures of the open sea. Most of you would probably put on your most comfortable clothes, pack the necessary things and set sail at this particular moment, but those who have not been on a cruise before might want to read

Most of you would probably put on your most comfortable clothes, pack the necessary things and set sail at this particular moment, but those who have not been on a cruise before might want to read the rest of the article in order to get a sense of several cruise tips for beginners.

Basic Cruise Tips for Beginners

In the perfect world of Utopia, everyone would be able to start their cruise immediately upon deciding to go for it. However, here on Earth, you need to pay attention to a few crucial issues before starting your journey. We did our best to compile a list that includes cruise tips for beginners which we believe could be helpful:

We did our best to compile a list that includes cruise tips for beginners which we believe could be helpful:

  • Before you start doing anything else, make sure you decide where you want to go. Although cruising is much more about the process than it is about the target, it does not mean that you should just wander around, being anywhere but home. Think about which climate suits you best, what kind of cultures you want to mix with, and are there any particular landmarks, monuments or objects that you would love to see.
  • Yet another crucial point is estimating the duration of the trip, as cruising trips can vary from a weekend-long to a several-months-trip. Everyone would love to spend as much time as possible roaming around the globe, but let’s not forget about our lives completely.
  • You should also consider booking the cruise while making sure you choose the right travel agency. Pay attention to security and decide which journey best suits your desires, budget and time. Most people tend to book at the very last minute, as prices can go drastically lower. More about booking mistakes to avoid…
  • Keep in mind to pack all the necessary things. Besides making sure you take the right clothes with you, you should also pack some medications, documentation, hygiene items and other essentials that you use on a daily basis. More about packing for a cruise….
  • One more thing to keep in mind is the checking in. This is probably the last thing you need to do before you start your journey. Most people prefer to check in late, as agencies usually set a huge time gap between the boarding and the actual departure.
  • Make sure you don’t get left behind, as it would be a real pity for the ones you left at home, don’t you think? Seriously, though, keep up with the group, as you might easily get lost in unknown places

The most important one of all cruise tips for beginners – do not forget to Make sure you remember why you went on a cruise in the first place. Do not go back home more tired than you were before you started your trips. Make the most of your time and charge your batteries to the fullest!

Five Cruise Booking Mistakes to Avoid

Cruises can be a hell of a fun if you know how to organize them well. However, in case you don’t, you might end up with the hell without the rest of the phrase. Booking is a crucial part of the organizational part of the cruise, as this is the part when you actually need to take care of decisions, in order to enjoy throughout the entire journey.

Here are five cruise booking mistakes to avoid in order to enjoy your journey… unless you’re going to a trip only to find even more troubles there.

Things to pay attention to while booking a cruise:

  • Wrong Cabin – Choosing the right cabin is probably the most important part of the booking phase of the trip. The type of cabin, its price and the location where it is are crucial things that you need to pay attention to. Cabins can be on the inside of the ship, which means that they do not have a view from the window, but are silent enough for rest; as opposed to the outside cabins, which let you spend a lot of time staring at the waves through the window and are very practical for claustrophobics.Apart from that, there are also rooms with balconies, which are the most desirable, but quite expensive, as well as the luxurious suits. The other important element regarding cabins is their location, as they can be found in different parts of the ship, such as the top deck, bottom deck, front, midship, and aft. Each part has its pros and cons.
  • Booking at the wrong time – The reason why this issue is on the five cruise booking mistakes to avoid list is that the timing is of great importance when booking a cruise. Prices and benefits might change over time, so don’t just put off that application form and grab the opportunity when you see fit for it.
  • Going for the lower price – The cheaper is not always the better, as cruises are part of the luxury of our lives. If you find an offer which seems too good to be true, then it probably is, as cheap prices almost always point out to cheap conditions. In addition, take in consideration that you’re going to need an extra budget with you on the actual cruise, as cheap essentials might be compensated with rather high additional services.
  • Booking the wrong cruise – Offers may be presented with all the advantages online or in a booklet, but in reality, they might have a lot of flaws, which you cannot notice until you experience them on your own skin. Make sure that you investigate before booking for the cruise so that you don’t get disappointed afterward. Consider recommendations from friends who have already been on the particular cruise, as experience is valued the most in these cases.
  • Booking in the wrong season – As absurd as it might sound, this actually happens to a lot of people. Make sure you are booking for the right season, as the same cruise can be drastically different over different weather seasons.

Hope you found our list of five cruise booking mistakes to avoid helpful, and make sure you don’t make the mistakes we pointed out.


Best Cruise Lines for the Money

Cruises are joyful and adventurous experiences that up to a certain point represented the nowadays form of escapism of the modern society. As with any other thing in life, cruises are also connected with money, as you need to be able to afford certain funds in order to let yourself enjoy this “luxury”.

However, some cruises are significantly more luxurious than others, even though that doesn’t mean that the most expensive cruise is also the best one.

On the other hand, there are also cruises which are much cheaper than the average but are not worth it. We reconsidered the options and came up with the best cruise lines for the money, based on this year’s offers.

List of the Best Cruise Lines for the Money

The following list shows not only the most popular but also the best cruise lines for the money. These cruise lines are considered a perfect match between luxury and worth.

  • Royal Caribbean International – Royal Caribbean are considered to offer the best cruise lines for the money, being definitely on top of the list. This is mostly because they offer full accommodation for very low prices.
  • Celebrity Cruises – Known for offering diversity and high standards for low prices. This especially affects Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Equinox, and Celebrity Eclipse, as the best Celebrity cruise line ships.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines – Yet another serious competitor, Carnival cruise lines are considered to offer the best fun and numerous entertainment options for lower than usual price. The ships Carnival Liberty, Carnival Valor and Carnival Freedom are known for their spacious comfortable room cabins and different types of activities.
  • Princess Cruises – One of the best options for a careless vacation with great lessons and workshops for minimal prices. Pretty much a fair offer. They tend to keep their customers satisfied without taking all their money. Our personal recommendation is the Ruby Princess ship.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line – Many people enjoy the comfort of their ships. They also get great recommendations especially for the food, which is delicious yet not overpriced.
  • Holland America Line – Definitely the one company which does everything in its power to assure the best experience for its customers. For quite affordable prices, Holland America provides the best service for everyone who has decided to go through the cruise experience under their guidance.
  • MSC Cruises – Yet another renowned name which works hard to offer its customers great quality for reasonable prices. Even though it mostly focuses on European cruise enthusiasts, it ranks among the most prestige names around the globe.
  • Costa Cruises – Especially targeted by those who enjoy language classes, theater nights, libraries and dance lessons. All of these benefits, plus high-quality accommodation and impeccable choice of destinations are included in a very fair price.
  • Disney Cruise Lines – Last but not least, Disney Cruise Lines, such as Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, for instance, offer a lot of advantages for both parents and their children. This is a very entertaining experience offer at a low price.

Top Family Friendly Cruise Lines

Cruises, like any other journey, are best spent in the company of our loved ones, and of course, our children. However, youngsters and grown-ups hardly agree with their tastes in anything. Cruises are no exception to this unless you come across one of the top family-friendly cruise lines, which is suitable both for parents and for their kids.

What Makes the Top Family Friendly Cruise Lines so Unique?

The reason why these cruise lines are different from others is that they provide the needed comfort and program for adults and minors. Both can have their fun while enjoying their time on the decks of one of our suggestions for top family-friendly cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This cruise line is perfect for families, especially because it does not keep to a strict timetable. It’s much more relaxed in terms of a timetable than anywhere else. The huge Splash Academy on these ships is a dream-come-true for every kid.


  • Norwegian Epic
  • Norwegian Getaway
  • Norwegian Breakaway

Royal Caribbean International

The reason why these ships are in the top family-friendly cruise lines is that they offer entertainment for all ages. They include inside pools, 3D Cinema, ice-skating rink, rock-climbing walls, arts and crafts workshop, computer and video arcade stations, solariums, nursery café and much more.


  • Allure of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas

Carnival Cruise Lines

Yet another great choice, especially since these ships offer separate clubs for different age groups. All family members will feel more individual on their travel, as they will not have to spend the entire time together, but rather meet on the breaks.


  • Carnival Sunshine
  • Carnival Breeze

Princess Cruises

If you want your princess to finally step into the land of her dreams, give her this lifetime opportunity, as no place in the world should fit her taste more. The boys wouldn’t be bored either, nor will the parents, as the ships are quite spacious and luxurious.


  • Crown Princess
  • Emerald Princess
  • Royal Princess
  • Ruby Princess
  • Diamond Princess
  • Island Princess
  • Coral Princess

P&O Cruises

Yet another great opportunity, as this ship offers a circus school apart from the other entertainment programs. It’s a great choice if you’re taking your child on a cruise for the first time.


  • Ventura

Disney Cruise Line

The Disney cruise line’s ships are also a great idea for both teenagers and small children. With all the sources for entertainment it is hardly that anyone would ever get bored.


  • Disney Magic
  • Disney Dream
  • Disney Fantasy

Holland America Cruise Line

Apart from being a very good choice for young children, this cruise is a lifetime experience for any teen, as it has an entire deck nightclub which can be accessed only through secret passages.


  • Ms Nieuw Amsterdam

Cunard Line

Apart from the regular entertainment activities, this ship offers the only planetarium on sea, as well as a 3D movie theater and performances of members of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


  • Queen Mary 2

Crystal Cruises

This is a bit more luxurious line, which offers relaxation for the entire family.


  • Crystal Symphony

Windstar Cruises

Especially recommended for a bit older children who are interested in learning about different cultures and history.


  • Wind Surf

Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Cruises

There are several signs which point out to a cruises addiction. Cruises are great. They offer a heck of a lot of fun for people of all ages and are a real lifetime experience. Journeys, in general, are what we all are going to remember once we’re old.

However, even though people may often not be aware of it, you can actually be addicted to cruising.

The Most Noticeable Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Cruises

If cruises are more of a routine than a unique adventure for you, then you might want to go through the ten signs you’re addicted to cruises in order to see if you can relate to any of them.

1. You tend to keep track of time based on cruises
If you refer to your mother’s birthday as – the day, four days after I come back from that cruise which is two months and five days from now, but you have planned it four months ago – yes, you are addicted to cruises.

2. You keep thinking about new ways to save money so you can spend it on a cruise
If cruising really is your priority in comparison to everything else, this is no rocket science.

3. Your bedroom looks much like a ship’s cabin
It’s okay to be a cruise enthusiast but know your limits. If this is not the only of the ten signs you’re addicted to cruising that you relate to, you might need to reconsider things more seriously.

4. Before you buy a new piece of clothing, you consider if it’s going to be suitable for cruising
Yet another obvious sign. There is life outside cruising too.

5. You always mention the topic of cruising no matter who you’re talking to
Do people react as if they’re bored whenever you mention this topic?

6. You can name all the ships in each of the most popular cruise lines
Well, unless you are a manager in a travel company, this is a serious sign of addiction.

7. You keep missing important events because of cruise plans
This show the serious impact cruising can have on your life, on the negative note.

8. You consider changing your job for a more relaxed-scheduled one so that you can spend more time cruising
If you make any type of change of your everyday life, so that you can sail more, then cruising has actually become your life, unlike your work.

9. You’re constantly half packed, as you always expect to come across another last minute offer
People who live normal lives keep their clothes in the closet, not a suitcase.

10. You’re thinking about your next cruise while actually being on one
This is probably the most severe case, as cruises are supposed to be your break from everything, not yet another occasion to plan other things.

If you can relate to at least half of the ten signs, then you’re addicted to cruises!

What Are the Best Alcoholic Drinks to Have on a Cruis

Cruises would never be near as fun without their exotic liquors. It’s not that non-alcoholics should not go on a cruise, but those even occasionally drink alcohol, should at least try some of the drinks offered there, so that they can feel the essence of the journey and return with positive feelings of the entire trip. For that cause, we decided to present our readers with an overview of the best alcoholic drinks to have on a cruise.

Despite the variety of alcoholic drinks that are offered at cruises, some people even choose which cruise to attend according to their personal taste in liquor. Each cruise is generally known for a specific type of drink it offers, and these are the best alcoholic drinks to have on a cruise you plan to attend:

  • Bourbon – The classic drink for cruises can be found in almost every bar. However, the Calliope Bar in American Queen is there right place where you can find the most prestige and renowned brands of bourbon such as Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection and Black Maple Hill Small Batch. According to many, the bourbon is on top of the best alcoholic drinks to have on a cruise list, undoubtedly.
  • Rum – The official pirate drink is incorporated in the Carnival Cruise Lines. Special types such as Red Rum’s Treasure and Captain Morgan are usually found in the cocktails offered in RedFrog Rum Bar in the Carnival Cruise Lines, such as Carnival Conquest, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Glory, Carnival Dream, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Sunshine.
  • Wine – Wine is a drink for every occasion after all. Especially, if we are talking about Atalon Cabernet or Joseph Drouhin Chablis, which are usually found in the Cellar Masters bars of Celebrity Cruise Lines such as Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Solstice.
  • Gin – Gin is yet another typical drink which is part of the Cunard Line. The best-known brand – Whitley Neil is found on Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 in the Commodore Club bars.
  • Tequila – The crucial part of the Martini’s Lounge bars in Carnival Cruise Lines. Even though there are numerous brands, the Margarita is recommended to everyone who visits Carnival Dream, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Dream, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Glory.
  • Beer – The essential drink for many. The best beer brands such as Fruity Abbey Ale, Deus Brut des Flanders Cuvee, and the Japanese Hitachino Nest can be found in the Michael’s Club bars in the Celebrity Cruise Lines – Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Century.
  • Vodka – Last but not list, everyone who has tried recommends the Espresso Martini made with Van Gogh espresso vodka. This drink is found in the Martini’s Lounge bars in all Oceania Cruise ships.

Naturally, this list can go on and on, but these are generally considered the best alcoholic drinks to have on a cruise.