Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Cruises

There are several signs which point out to a cruises addiction. Cruises are great. They offer a heck of a lot of fun for people of all ages and are a real lifetime experience. Journeys, in general, are what we all are going to remember once we’re old.

However, even though people may often not be aware of it, you can actually be addicted to cruising.

The Most Noticeable Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Cruises

If cruises are more of a routine than a unique adventure for you, then you might want to go through the ten signs you’re addicted to cruises in order to see if you can relate to any of them.

1. You tend to keep track of time based on cruises
If you refer to your mother’s birthday as – the day, four days after I come back from that cruise which is two months and five days from now, but you have planned it four months ago – yes, you are addicted to cruises.

2. You keep thinking about new ways to save money so you can spend it on a cruise
If cruising really is your priority in comparison to everything else, this is no rocket science.

3. Your bedroom looks much like a ship’s cabin
It’s okay to be a cruise enthusiast but know your limits. If this is not the only of the ten signs you’re addicted to cruising that you relate to, you might need to reconsider things more seriously.

4. Before you buy a new piece of clothing, you consider if it’s going to be suitable for cruising
Yet another obvious sign. There is life outside cruising too.

5. You always mention the topic of cruising no matter who you’re talking to
Do people react as if they’re bored whenever you mention this topic?

6. You can name all the ships in each of the most popular cruise lines
Well, unless you are a manager in a travel company, this is a serious sign of addiction.

7. You keep missing important events because of cruise plans
This show the serious impact cruising can have on your life, on the negative note.

8. You consider changing your job for a more relaxed-scheduled one so that you can spend more time cruising
If you make any type of change of your everyday life, so that you can sail more, then cruising has actually become your life, unlike your work.

9. You’re constantly half packed, as you always expect to come across another last minute offer
People who live normal lives keep their clothes in the closet, not a suitcase.

10. You’re thinking about your next cruise while actually being on one
This is probably the most severe case, as cruises are supposed to be your break from everything, not yet another occasion to plan other things.

If you can relate to at least half of the ten signs, then you’re addicted to cruises!